About Multilingual Consulting

For 33 years translation services have been provided to a number of different agencies including the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB); the Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development department (now Alberta Human Resources and Employment); Leduc Economic Development; Department of Agriculture and Alberta Economic Trade and Development.

Multilingual Consulting Inc. has also worked with the private sector, offering translation and interpretation services to medical offices, court, insurance agencies and private legal offices to skilled and non skilled workers alike.

Interpretation  & Translation Services

  • Medical
  • Legal Documents/Licenses
  • Transcripts
Employment Counselling

  • Resume/Career Planning
  • Job Coaching/Placement
  Information Workshops

  • Career Planning
  • Develop Resumes and Cover letters

The president has also functioned as a Board Member for several community organizations including: Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Human Rights Education Board, Edmonton Immigrant Services, Chrysalis Foundation (Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities) and the Edmonton Community Services Advisory Board. She also remains very active in the Leduc District Chamber of Commerce and the Leduc and Nisku Economic Authority. Multilingual Consulting Inc. has also acted as a cross-cultural trainer for the Alberta government during the Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA negotiations. During that period of time, MCI participated actively in the translation and interpretation processes for the Canadian Government.


MCI’s president has a passion and concern for minority groups. She sees there is limited attention from others, to their sufferings, and wishes very much that more people are able to see this need and contribute to helping out.

She has a particular passion for dogs and is determined to give back by offering to help dogs suffering from abuse or poverty.

Throughout the last decade, she has set an example by addressing some needs through volunteering, donations and participation in workshops.  In 2015, she was invited to Toronto present at a workshop held by the Continence Patient Advisory Board.

She actively participates in:

  • Urogynecology clinic in Sombrilla Peru South America: Famine group with urinary incontinence affecting their quality of life.
  • Oppa: http://oppa.cl/– an organization for dog shelter and adoption.

Donations can be made to: contacto@oppa.cl

Multilingual Consulting Inc. 335 First Edmonton Place 10665 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB  T5J 3S9 (780) 421-4226 (780) 425-9666 Multilingual Consulting Inc. Certification: ATIA CIC Commissioner of Oaths Immigration Sign Language