Business sector

  • MCI has pronounced experience in the business network: the president has been collaborating with communities in Nisku, Leduc, Red deer and Fort Mcmurray and specializing in offering interpretation services to meet the needs of employers such as orientation offer for new-immigrant orientation and employee-reviews.
  • MCI also actively participates in workshops function by inter-provincial companies and volunteering organizations in Edmonton. MCI’s interpretation team has been providing excelled interpretation services to meet their requirements.
  • MCI has interpreters who specialized in group interpretation and interpretation for presentations from companies, school boards and different business ventures.

Private Sector

MCI accommodates individuals with excelled experience in interpretation and translation services. The offerings include but not limited to the following:

  • Translation and affidavit for foreign visa and different types of legal documents;
  • Information sessions leading to settlement, foreign-worker visa applications, job development and job leads;
  • The president also provides specialized knowledge in services and offering of Spanish interpretation for individuals with capability challenges.


MCI also excels in servicing those with English as a second language and other ethnic groups such as newcomers from South Africa and South America. MCI facilitates their social needs by providing with interpretation services in the following:

Job development workshops:

  • Interviews by our experienced interpreters with clients who speak the language.
  • The president will initiate job development plan for the clients.
  • Our trained-interpreters will provide interpretation and translation needs for individuals who speak the same language in activities such as job search and interviews.

Information sessions: serving new immigrants and foreign workers in settlement matters:

  • Matching the clients to our specialized interpreters who speak the same language.
  • Conduct group meetings for the purpose of their integration to the society.
  • English conversation classes: specifically to the Spanish speaking individuals, as needed.

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